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FundingEdge specializes in providing financing for Commercial Real Estate & Businesses.  We facilitate financing for A - D credit borrowers.  

FundingEdge is a correspondent & conduit for commercial real estate financing nationwide.  Programs include Private Hard Money, Conventional, Church, Rehab & AG Finance.

*FundingEdge does NOT handle 1-4 family residential loans.

  • Conventional / Full Doc:  $250K - $20MM, up to 80% LTV (SBA up to 90%)

  • Low Doc / Soft Money: $250K - $10M, up to 75%/80% LTV

  • Private Money: $250k - $50m, up to 55% (sometimes 65% - 70%) (Developments up to 65% of Completed Value or 60% LTC)

  • Church Financing  * As of 9/6/17 we are NOT accepting church specific property deals until 2019-20.  We WILL accept apps on non specific church buildings for churches, with a personal guarantor that has a mid fico score of 600-640+

Let us handle the work for you!   Our goal is to make the financing process as stress-free as possible. No more moving from bank to bank in search of the product that fits your needs. If you are seeking any type of Real Estate loan, we can help! 

At FundingEdge we understand how difficult it can be to secure a Commercial Real Estate Loan.  The process can be confusing, time consuming and complex.  It doesn't have to be that way!   

Mission-Critical Issues:  We often help facilitate financing on real estate where banks have failed.  Our investors offer exceptional commercial mortgage programs beyond the limits of most local banks.  Even if your credit is not perfect, FundingEdge can work with you.  With our network we are able to work with A - D credit.  

Commercial Property Loans
FundingEdge can handle many different types of commercial properties - depending on the program, most property types considered.

  • Acquisition
  • Acquisition & Development    
  • Asset Based   
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosures    
  • Bridge    
  • Bank Workouts & Discounted Notes
  • Rate/Term Refinance
  • Agriculture Land Program
  • Construction    
  • Debt Consolidation    
  • Development    
  • Rehab    
  • Refinancing   
  • USDA Loans
  • SBA Loans 

To apply for real estate financing download and print application, complete, sign 'wet blue signature' & return with Identification to newapps@power2fund.com or Fax (210) 280-0069.

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Real Estate APP (19) web.pdf

You will be notified asap and applications are typically within 5 - 72 hours.