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FundingEdge offers an opportunity for brokers to broaden their funding base with our commercial real estate financing programs.

You can be sure that we will deal with you and your clients on a professional level that exemplifies our commitment to working with you and customer satisfaction.

Broker & Affiliate Registration Forms:

How to Start: Fill out our Broker/Affiliate Packet & W-9 Forms available for download above. Please fill out all that applies, sign with 'no digital' and return via fax to (210) 280-0069 or email cs@power2fund.com.

Affiliate.Broker Packet.Agrmnt (21).pdf 

W-9 (2021).pdf 


Here are the top 5 reasons borrowers should utilize mortgage brokers rather than go direct to lenders:

1. The borrower does not know most loan offerings, which loan his property qualifies for, or the best loan for their circumstances.  A mortgage professional will know the best financing for his situation.

2. Many borrowers will waste 6 months or more applying for loans they don’t qualify for.  A mortgage broker will be able to determine quickly where they have the best chance of obtaining financing.

3. If the borrower needs immediate financing the mortgage broker may be able to obtain bridge financing.

4. A mortgage broker will put together a professional loan package that increases his chances for a loan in the least possible time.

5. A mortgage broker will assist the borrower in analyzing loan offers and choosing the one most beneficial.

The above reason is why we market and use brokers to source deals. 


CRE 'Commercial Real Estate' Application & Programs Info:

Have your client complete & sign the application 'wet blue INK signatures' & send with clients photo identification (Drivers License and/or Passport) via email newapps@fundingedge.com or fax (210) 280-0069.

Once the application has been received, we will follow-up via email or phone call to verify receipt. We want to make certain that you receive credit for each and every deal sent.