Equipment Finance
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Finance Amounts:  $100,000 - $15,000,000 

While a wide range, funding the under $1M supports various situations with new customers and repeat customers. We listen to the big and smaller stories. Tell us your story.

We understand the challenges of running a business and wants to help those struggling to secure critically needed financing. We are a creative and flexible. We want to hear your story. We are a trusted partner with exceptional listening skills. We will partner with you to provide creative financing solutions and structures for many non-traditional financing needs. We also consider other forms of collateral providing multiple options for financing. Tell us your story.

Types of Equipment Currently Accepting:

  • Manufacturing
  • Trucking
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Veterinary
  • Construction

Terms: 12-72 months (depending on asset class)

-- Including Step Payments (term), Quarterly/Annual Payment Options and Short Term Leases

To Apply we'll need a completed and signed business application along with ID such as Drivers License and List of Equipment owned and for purchases Quotes/Invoices.  Upon receipt we typically process in 5 - 72 hours. 

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Business App (21).pdf

Factors to Consider when Leasing or Financing Equipment.

• Keeps your current lines of credit available for other uses.

• Conserves cash for expenditures for which financing is not available.

• Matches cash outflow with cash inflow over time.

• Allows for investment into other areas of your business.

• Often allows for an "expensing" of monthly payments at tax time.

Note: The equipment you lease may qualify for the Section 179 tax deduction. Through Section 179 a business can deduct the monthly payments from its taxable income. Not all types of equipment are eligible, and there are certain IRS requirements that need to be followed. Consult with your tax professional.