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Private Hard Money Loans are often utilized when: time is essential, the project or property does not meet the criteria of conventional lenders, credit issues, bankruptcy, judgments, foreclosure, back property taxes, deferred maintenance, IRS, etc.

Private Money $500k - $50mm  (It's all about the #'s, LTV, Location, etc.)

*will go lower in TX or solid deals.

Private Money & Hard Money is when lenders are willing to take higher risks and loan money quicker than the Conventional Lenders, at a higher rate, but the project must make financial sense.  The most important factors are risk of investment and the collateral of the project.

We specialize in hard to place short-term real estate-secured loans including commercial, construction, bridge, land acquisition, development, raw land and other real estate related loans. 

Private Money Rates & Terms:  Range from 9.99% - 12%, 1 - 5 year notes and interest only or up to 25 Year AM. Terms are relative to the risk of the project.

Private Money - LTV 'Loan to Value'

  • Commercial Loans:  LTV's usually range from up to 50%-65%
  • Multi-Family Loans: LTV's usually range from up to 50%-65%
  • Raw Land Loans: LTV's usually up to 50% of “As Is" Value in TX  and (up to 40% outside of TX).

Real Estate APP (2021) - WEB .Word Doc

Programs Info 2021.pdf

To Apply send us a completed & signed 'wet ink' real estate application to newapps@power2fund.com.

*FundingEdge does NOT handle 1-4 family residential loans.  Unless utilized as cross collateral or 5+ properties; NON-homesteads.