Oil & Gas Funding

$20k - $250k Sale/Leaseback 'Refinance' Financing Available

Most business owners think only of their local or regional bank when it comes to equipment financing, refinancing or asset based lending for their business. Banks, however, make up a small part of the lending universe. There is a whole group of commercial finance and equipment leasing companies who understand equipment financing, asset based lending and "less than A" credit financing situations.

Use existing free and clear equipment (Heavy Equipment, Yellow Iron, Heavy AG, Machine Tools, Trucks & Trailers) as collateral to secure funding for your business.

We provide financial restructures, equipment purchase, and acquisition funding based on the value of the underlying assets, sometimes regardless of the cash flow, financial condition, sales history or other traditional lending metrics.

We are specialists in availability and will consider all manner of assets for funding. We can be a very effective short-term solution - quickly making funds available for immediate use while the refinancing, turnaround or restructuring can proceed swiftly.

We like transportation, manufacturing, and construction industries although we will consider many other industries, provided collateral is acceptable.

We are able to offer viable alternatives to clients who no longer meet banks' lending standards, or companies who have encountered obstacles in obtaining traditional financing.

With Sale/Leasebacks we base our decisions on the asset value...not the credit or cash flow.

To process a sale/leaseback request we'll need:

  • Business Application

    Business App (17) Web .pdf
  • Personal Financial Statement of each principal
  • Summary Letter -- tell us about the deal, the good, bad & ugly.
  • Collateral List -- Either the equipment utilized as collateral and/or the equipment that being purchased.

    Equipment List 15.pdf
  • A/R Aging Summary
  • YTD (Year to Date) Financial
  • Real Estate owned with debt schedule

Programs Info (17).pdf